10 Top Trends Driving The Future Of Marketing
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10 Top Trends Driving The Future Of Marketing


포브스는 마케팅 차원에서 향후 변화를 주도할 핵심적인 트렌드 10개를 선정하였다. 이들 트렌드는 기업과 고객의 관계를 재설정하고 관계 수단을 바꾸는 영향력을 미칠 것으로 전망된다. 그럼에도 불구하고 브랜드의 가치와 콘텐츠의 중요성은 지속될 것임을 제시하고 있다.



1. 모바일 디바이스가 마케팅의 핵심적 수단이 된다.

 From cell phones to smartphones, tablets to wearable gadgets, the evolution of mobile devices is one of the prime factors influencing the marketing world. As the focus is shifting to smaller screens, brands will be able to strike up a more personalized relationship with their customers by leveraging the power of mobile.


2. 투명성이야말로 고객과의 관게를 공고히하는 열쇠다Currently, customers are seeking more engagement from brands. This trend will continue with customers becoming more demanding in their expectation of transparency. Genuine brands – the ones that “walk the talk” and create real value – will be rewarded. This means brands that still haven’t made their customer dealings transparent are headed to a future of doom.

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3. 콘텐츠의 중요성은 계속될 것이다.

 Content, particularly visual content, will rule the roost in the online marketing world, evolving into various forms and disrupting the conventional marketing models. Moreover, the speed at which a brand can create amazing content will play a part in their success.



4. 사용자 콘텐츠의 힘이 가장 중요한 변수가 된다.

 The power of user-generated content will surpass branded content as brands begin to relinquish control of their own brands’ marketing to their customers. From online reviews, to social media posts and blogs, this means there will be a strong need for brands to create a positive impact in their consumers’ minds. In response to this model of content production, content co-creation between brands and consumers will become a popular trend.



5. 인터넷에 이어 소셜 채널이 자리매김한다.

Social will become an integral part of the “broader marketing discipline.” As its impact grows stronger, most brands will fully transition their marketing efforts to social channels. As such, social has the full potential to become not just one of the channels but the channel.



6. 브랜드가 그들의 고객을 사로잡을 것이다.

By cultivating brand community and entering into direct conversations with their customers, brands will begin to own their audience in a way that will create loyalists and brand advocates. In the future of marketing, branding and marketing efforts will have their seeds rooted in what customers are talking about. The customers’ responses and feelings toward the brand will dictate future campaigns. Essentially, if the customers are happy, they’ll gladly wear the marketer’s hat and do what is needed to bring their favorite brand in focus.



7. 밀레니엄 세대에만 집중하는 브랜드 전략은 틀리다

 Brands will need to understand that the millennials are not a niche “youth” segment but a generation of people who will ultimately give way to a newer generation. Therefore, millennial-focused brands will have to change their game to stay relevant.



8. 좋은 브랜드는 서비스 기업이 아닌 생산 기업과 같이 행동해야 한다.

 While service companies aim to create a happy customer and look forward to a contract renewal, product companies thrive on innovation. So, for brands of the future, customer satisfaction and retention will not be enough. They will need to innovate more efficiently to create more value for their customers. However, great service will NEVER go out of style.



9. 개인화, 데이터 중심의 마케팅으로 발전된다.

There is a difference between data-driven marketing and intrusive marketing. While the former is based on relationship-building, the latter is nothing but old-school push marketing wrapped in a new cover. The difference between these two formats will become even more prominent in future. Marketers who focus on relationship building will be rewarded, while intruders will be shut out.



10. 정교한 방법론 메트릭스의 필요성이 부상한다. 

What most brands do in the name of measuring marketing success is look at hollow “vanity” metrics such as likes, shares, or tweets. Even in terms of data mining, we are still developing more sophisticated means to capture the right data. Many ideas are hypothesized, but few are practical. The future will witness the rise of better analytical tools to help marketers gauge the success of their campaigns.

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